About Us

This is a story of love and hate. A love of Christmas lights and a hatred of paying hundreds of dollars for Christmas lights that on many occasions would invariably fail, many times by the following season. How many times did I have lights that had a section fail which rendered the rest of the light useless.

After many years of frustration, I decided to stop complaining and do something about it. So, in April 2018 I went to a lighting convention in Hong Kong. Having a limited budget, I stayed in a place with those capsule beds as it was close to the convention centre. Oh my god, not something I’d recommend – the mattress was as thin as Donald Trump’s skin.

Over the course of the next 4 days, I talked to many different manufacturers about what I wanted to do impressing upon them 2 things I needed which were non-negotiable – a quality product and great customer service. By the time I left Hong Kong I had narrowed it down from around 25 exhibitors to 4 and eventually based on my ongoing communications with them I settled on one.

In July 2018 I travelled to the city of Zhongshan which is located in the province of Guangdong in south China to do a tour of their factory. Zhongshan is known as the city of lights due to the large amount of lighting manufacturers found there. I came away very impressed, particularly after being picked up from my hotel located 1 ½ hours from the factory, given the tour and returned later that day.

After returning home, I engaged a friend of mine who is a fantastic graphic artist and tasked her with creating contemporary and relevant designs that could be made from LED neon flex lighting. LED neon flex is a green friendly, safe, low voltage, lineal long-life lighting system that can be simply bent and cut to whatever designs I had for both indoor and outdoor use.

In December 2018, about a week before Christmas I received 13 samples and in great excitement set up my Christmas Lights on my front lawn in Northmead that same day. Some designs worked, some didn’t but the feedback I got from people was very positive which spurred me on to keep going with this dream.

The designs you see on my website are the culmination of many months of consultation between my graphic designer, the manufacturer and myself but I believe it is time well spent. In order to get the detail, I wanted, my lights are bigger than the usual Christmas lights you can buy in retail stores which create a real presence by their illumination and modern look. My lights are a combination of the fun of Christmas as well as a reminder of why we have it in the first place.

I hope you enjoy the visual experience created by Sir Illusion and get many years of enjoyment from them. One thing is for sure – if you have my lights you sure won’t go unnoticed.

Illuminate your imagination.

Indoor Neon Christmas Lights